TED-1000 should be of type Mech/Urska

Like, I almost think this should be filed under Bug Reports. DRACOS gets to be a Mech/Dragon,. Deep Borer is Mech/Dwarf, Shocktopus is Mech/Merfolk… even his flavor text says “Rise and Shine, Ursine!”

How is he not Mech/Urska?

If they did that, you might have two options if they ever run an Urska-based Invasion event. We couldn’t possibly have two Siegebreakers at the same time. That would break the game. [/s]


Quoting Actreal:

A cyborgue or “Half-Golem” Urska could be a Mech/Urska troop, but a mech shaped like a Bear is neither Urska or Beast.

But still there are some other strange dual troops like Totem Guardian which is a Wargare/Construct but i guess in this case there is a spirit inside the totem so it’s a Wargare. But well, this is just an explanation based on the possible lore behind the mechanics of races/types of this particular troop.

Dammit Stan. I just came here to share the same epiphany. But to elaborate further. I bet originally he was designed to be Urska as well. But once they realized he could be summoned for every invasion event. They decided it’s best not to.

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I think if you’re going to use up a spot just to hopefully get TED-1000, then you deserve to get him. Besides, you can already play with multiple seigebreaker troops, as long as you have more than one copy.

If you buy them from the shop. Yes.
But if he was Urska… You could potentially use him with every Invasions event without buying that weeks Siegebreaker.

Sure, but the cost is you have to play with Urskayan Crown and then get lucky. I see no problem with that.

Not saying you’re wrong at all. And they do have a Raids boss that is Urska. Just my best guess though.

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We may consider this for the future.

(But he’d be more mech/ beast than mech/ urska. Urska are humanoid bears, he’s more animal bear mech)


3 troop types for one troop in the future?
Well… If you insist. Lol

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