Teams with weak one color counter bs

Blue day on PS4 I won’t even share my old faithful. But it does have 2 summoners.

Im using Ek valk justice mab lol


Right behind us guys (and gals) in Gra :wink:

Seriously though, Santandrix is a great player. In fact anyone in a tier 1 GW guild is, otherwise you wouldn’t be there.

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Thank’s to all of you for you support and words of encouragement. I was very briefly upset that I lost a GW battle haven’t lost 1 in 8 weeks. I knew it was bound to happen just didn’t want it to be Mab lol guess that’s what’s to be expected from brackets 1-20 we just got to bracket 20 up 19 from GW release been 1st every week except 1


Your biggest problem is a lack of attackers with too many support troops. You want to take down Justice/Mab? Try EK, Valk, Crimson Bat, Mercy. Or Psion 3x Krystenax for your blue day.

Clever team building will reduce both your frustration and your need to vent.

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I only use all blue and only 1 copy of krystenex

I understand that. But your plan isn’t working, so you need a new plan.

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