Teams still not saving and defense changes - Started after 3.0


This bug come in at 3.0 I would of hoped it would have been a higher priority but I don’t see it being dealt with anywhere. This is even more important this week where I’m trying to set a brown defense for people…

Any fix in sight for this?


I do have the same problems since 3.0
Really annoying that seeing after creating 12 teams, that only 3 of them have been saved.


Very annoying! I did 6 teams the day 3.0 was released 1 for each mana color ready for GW only 2 saved out of the 6. Yet the bug still continues to this day


This makes creating a Brown team or a Mech team to use in PVP IMPOSSIBLE! This started with the 3.0 update and has gotten worse. This is going to make building teams for Guild wars impossible too. The reason I know this was working is every week I create a new event team but 3.0 update came in the middle of the event week so my defense team stay. Last week I didn’t because there was no event that required defense to be a specific way. This week I created last night the defense team for the Brown. This morning it was reverted back.

So here are clear steps for you to reproduce this - Happens on Windows/Steam and Android. I do not have IOS so I don’t know about that.

Very simple steps:

Go to Troops section
Create a Team
Check the team before closing the Troop Team area
Log off (you can close the X on the Troop Panel and go back to the Kingdom and Quit through the Settings Panel (Using the proper QUIT) or use the X at the top to close the window completely- doesn’t matter - I’ve done all 4 use cases)
Log back on
Check for Team

Team is gone/changed or reverted back (depending on the starting point)

However there is one use case that it didn’t happen and the team actually saved and stayed

Create a Team
Check the team before closing the Troop Team area
On the Kingdom Map - receive Tribute and Accept Tribute (this changed the condition somehow)
Log off
Log back on
Check for Team

The New team stayed
(And I logged in and logged out numerous times to make sure)


I can confirm the problem is also on iOS.
A possible workaround is to edit teams from the defenders tab in the pvp screen. Just don’t forget the choose your current defenders team before leaving the tab.


They know about it. There are multiple issues related to teams not being saved. Some of them date back over a year…


I know about the if you touch your Team in PVP or Explore and change - then the Defense team changes. This isn’t it.

You don’t even have to have this team in PVP.

This is basic and brand new and I can reproduce it every time and it wasn’t like this before 3.0 since I was making my guild teams all the week before 3.0 and they are fine. I can’t update, change or make new ones now at all. They all revert back in the TROOP area as if they were never touched.

Just go and create a new team, or change an existing or empty out - in the TROOP area - log out and log back in.


Yeah, it’s all part of the same issue. The team changes aren’t being saved on the server. As Mithran detailed you have to force a server call in order to save the teams. Something about the 3.0 update must have changed the way the client talks to the server, making the problem show up everywhere else, rather than just in the original place.

Oh and as far as calling out this issue as separate:


Well it is going to majorly affect the Guild wars if they can’t get it fixed! Before it was if you touched the Attack team, now it’s just basic test case - create a team and save


Yep, that’s why I reported it immediately. It’s gotten really bad.


Oh I didn’t know you reported it. I went hunting and this was the one thread I found that fit. But I added the steps.

My bad.


No, you did a good thing. They need as much info as possible.


FYI, I’ve done nothing tonight but play PVP. I have not edited any teams in any screen. My defense team has changed 6 times.


This is honestly one of the most annoying bugs I’ve seen.

I hope they have it fixed by the time the super delayed guild wars finally graces us with its presence


Hey everyone, this is an issue I added to the 3.0 Known Issues thread a while ago. Our team has been investigating this issue thoroughly as we would like it to be fixed before Guild Wars. The good news is we shouldn’t have to wait to much longer on a fix. :slight_smile:


Does anybody know how to save defense team ?? There is no option save dt like before