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Team Strategies for Raids

I know some people are going to want to be secretive about what teams they’re using but I’m happy to share what’s working for me and would love to hear other people’s thoughts as well (especially for anyone who’s in the 300s - 400s). I totally get that this is a competition but figured the community could help people defeat Z together, because, at the end of the day, leadership board will be people who throw 1800+ gem in.

I was initially playing with Xiong Mao, Diviner, Emperor Liang, and DB which worked for a while but then I started losing. I tried substituting in Yao Guai for Emperor Liang but got mixed results. The purples rarely lined up for me to get a 4+ match which made him not quite as helpful even though he’s a really strong troop.

Ultimately, I bit the bullet and upgraded to Tier 7 :money_mouth_face: I now am running with 2x Xiong Mao, Diviner, and DB. I’m sticking with Giant class so that I get the mana boost to start the match. It’s freaking hard but usually works.

Side note: Some people are alluding to using Mang on Z to boost hero’s attack and go to skull fighting. I tried once and lost miserable as hero was killed too quickly. Anyone having luck with that one?


I’m actually using Mang but in second slot. Diviner, Mang, Xiong Mao, Emperor Liang.

I gather mana to fill Diviner and Mang, cast Diviner to fill the back two, then cast Mang to strip armor off the boss and crank up my attack. Cast Xiong Mao and then mop up. I can often cast Diviner twice if one cast of Xiong Mao isn’t enough. Diviner is a bit of a sacrificial lamb, but once she falls, then I’ve got a deadly hero to take her place in front and in the meantime, she’s protected my otherwise squishy hero. I’m not 100% sold on Emperor Liang in back, but he is working for now, and the magic boost on Xiong Mao is very helpful.

I only bought to Tier 3 and have missed a couple Valravens, so I’m not at a super-high level.


Interesting. I think I might try Xiong Mao, Mang, Diviner, Xiong Mao

My only issue is with troops like Terraxis that do like 80+ damage to all in some of the higher levels. Barrier to all is really the only counter.

Don’t forget yao he is very strong against the boss, if there is only one target he will hit twice the same

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Your diviner is totally mana-blocked then. I think you’d be better with Diviner, Mang, XM, XM if you want to use two.


Xiong, Diviner, Lion and Tiger with bard class, Emperor Liang, banner you figure it out.

Death mark? Cast xiong for a barrier. Or cast Lion and tiger on the troop to stun it.
If your xiong mao has barrier and you have the whole team with mana, cast lion and tiger on the boss, bring him to first slot, the barrier helps in case there’s a skull and the boss is gonna take it. Finish him with skulls and more xiong. Be diligent on your emperor liang casts. Do it on green/yellow. But also do it on other colors in case there’s an obvious extra turn that will give skulls.

Dawnbringer doesn’t work in the long term, and you have to hit everything with a mang before getting to the boss. I have yet to lose with this team and I usually end with 200-300hp on each troop but diviner. It’s all about that board control.

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I’m only at boss level 150ish but I use
Mang with dragonguard class

I use the Dragon guard class for holy armour… and emperor can heal 2 of the first 3 depending on colour.

General tactics are to mang boss which give an attack boost to skull most troops once. By using the other 3 I try to alter the board to get the skulls to match.

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Hi, some advice on raid for a lvl 60 ir so?

Mang/Diviner/Emperor Liang/Xiong Mao if in the 1st enemy slot is any troop that doesn’t inflict death mark. I try to fill Mang as fast as possible and use it on a boss. Diviner and Liang are supposed to both fill each other and Xiong Mao and let me match skulls a couple of times. If in 1st slot there is a troop that inflicts a death mark on skulls I change the order to Diviner/Mang/Emperor/Xiong Mao. Boss level 270.

On my daughters account we used Hero with a yellow weapon, Diviner, Xiong Mao, Penglong for minions and then exchanged Penglong for Spellblade on Zuul. We beat him twice, then it was only about inflicting as much dmg as possible. Hero level 49. We had not enough souls for all troops so it can get better:)

How far did you get with this team? My main reason for DB is that as you get higher up, all it takes is 2 casts from any troop to kill one of yours. Barrier to all acts as a nice buffer.

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250+. As I said, you ended up with a lot of HP. Bard boosts Liang’s buff, and after you take down the boss, it’s a matter of slowly killing the others troops.

PLEASE dont praise too much about some commonly used weapons though they are powerful. I dont wonder what devs will do to “balance” them.


It’s super easy for developers to see what weapons are being used. That’s how they determined to nerf TDS and others :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use a Bard that slowly boost Xian, and a « pull to front weapon » (2 yellow weapons do this)
Of course, once in front, the Boss fills quick, but you just need a lucky skull drop or 2 to win.

It’s the only way for me after level 200

Ok just reach lvl 250, and the Urska Crown helped a lot, just summoning bears to replace fallens, sometimes getting a new Xian or a Doomclaw.

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There was a lot of moaning and whining about TDS. Also about Dawnbringer, but that is not owned by peons and therefore cannot be touched.

If not for the gem cost, I would have loved to try 3xXiong Mao + Dawnbringer (bard); Holy banner

The problem is that once DB is killed game would go to a crawl and be very luck based. I play with 2 XMs and while I almost always kill Z, I have trouble finishing off the minions. All it takes is them getting a couple skull matches or spell casts :confounded:

I did try Diviner, Mang, XM, XM with Bear Banner and it works pretty well. Minions pose the biggest problems…


It gets easier if you have Liang in place of one XM (if you have this troop, that is). Heals hero and provides magic for XM (too bad not in one cast, but still), giving him significantly better spell dmg. The battle is less of a struggle then. You can still loose, of course but it goes either way just faster and that’s the best part :wink:

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