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Team ideas - Mercy

Today, we finally got mercy for consoles. Since i know how she can fit in some teams i have in mind, I leveled her and traited her all the way. The teams i had in mind though consisted of players that i either have yet to get or are not on consoles.

So if you know any dope teams with Mercy, feel free to post it here ;p.

If you have The Great Maw, there are tons of options for teams, look at this from today.

Usually You are connecting Mercy with Maw. Obvious choice…

I’m not on console but I run Mercy with Valk, Templar, and Paladin. Great synergy and board control. I’ve had invades where the other side never even got a turn.

Not saying that’s a bad team (it’s not), but a 1-turn kill would be hard to do with Paladin, since he unconditionally relinquishes control. Unless you mean to say you looped with the other three and matched incidental skulls to do all of your damage, in which case there are better teams for it.

I loop with the other three until I run out of moves and then fire off Paladin. It isn’t fast, but it’s highly effective primarily because the Templar in the loop buffs the Paladin’s armor every time he casts, so when I do fire off the Paladin, one enemy is almost guaranteed to be dead.

Yeah, understood – it’s a solid team. Of course, that does give your opponent turns. :slight_smile:

Sometimes it does, yes. I’ve had a few matches where the opponent got no turns at all, as the Paladin finished off their last card. As you can imagine, though, matches like that take a long time comparatively to some other builds. However, with kingdom upgrades and traits, I usually end up with 18 attack on the Templar so he’s not terrible at dealing skull damage as I just loop through the enemy.

Really the key is to setup Paladin to take out the most dangerous opponent, almost always either Maw or BD. After that’s done, the match is over. In about 1 out of 100 matches, things just plain don’t line up and one of them gets their spell off. If that happens, the match is also over, but not usually in my favor. :smiley: