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Team for summoning deamon event

Hello All,

My Team for summoning deamon :

  • Valkyrie : Here to earn the souls for the Void Portal and be devoured by the Black Beast
  • Dwarven Gate : After a devour, launch its power to give Barrier to Black Beast & Void portal
  • Black Beast : Devour the first team to have an empty slot. When the skulls are generated, the dwarven gate has little attack (only city bonus if I remember well).
  • Void Portal : Summon a random deamon… (that will be devoured by Black Beast)
    When you’re bored, use the black beast to finish the ennemies (from my last test, my Black Beast had more than 700 lives and 300 in attacks).

Flame bomb
Flame bomb

Working fine also


My issue with this teams (I’ve tried several), it’s the mana leak and the skulls. In some of my tests, I could not summon a lot of deamons.
If I take skulls, I’m doing more that 20 damages (in explore, it goes to fast). If I don’t, when Sacrifice is dead, it’s more difficult to have spare rooms.

With the team I’ve given, I’ve just done 44 event gems…

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Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb
Desert banner

The goal is not to summon a lot of daemons in one match, but rather to have quick explore battles (edit: on Normal difficulty) that also reward you with two snotstones every combat.

Edit: A guildie came up with this btw, can’t take credit for it myself.


Yeah i forgot to mention you need to raise difficulty so you don’t kill people with lucky skull cascade :slight_smile:

My team can be played on normal. Just blow up the Fire Bombs, cast the Erinyes, then cast Sunbird. Rinse, repeat.

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Very good team, thanks :100:


Speed run explore or casual pvp for easy two Snots per battle.