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Team Filtering for PvP


I would like a feature where you can select a troop/weapon, and when choosing PvP opponents, teams with the selected troop/weapon will be grayed out (but still selectable).

I realize this would require Scouting of the teams in question, so it makes sense that this feature would cost 150 gold per match for players that do not have free Scouting.

Thank you.

Alternatively, remove Dragon’s Eye from PvP or change its effect to not be ridiculous. Transformation is an unblockable effect, so it makes little sense for the resulting Baby Dragon to be half of the troop level, or Level 0 when applied to a transformed hero.

Doom of Ice is immune to it so technically it has a counter.

But I agree that Dragon’s Eye is a very frustrating defense team once it starts doing its thing. It’s not just Dragon’s Eye, it’s the combination of the weapon, the barriers, and sometimes even troop summons that make it really difficult to get rid of the hero before it’s had a chance to transform half your team.

“There will be six troops immune to it” isn’t really an answer.