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Team "Concrete Shoes"


3 Traits mandatory on The Silent One, Devour protection almost mandatory on Leviathan.

Here’s a team that will allow you with skilled play to punch waaaaay above your weight class. I suggest filling on Purple first, never filling on Yellow unless you have a plan.

A huge key is that when The Silent One casts, he silences himself too which is a good thing because it means subsequent casts, especially with Azura will allow the Blue Mana to spill down since Silenced troops cannot gather.

There are a ton of strategy branches at almost every turn. I would love it if you discovered and shared yours with me. Or alt builds.

I think this team has a wide range of application in the game at many levels of player progression.


Very interesting, thanks! Tried it and it’s good, if a bit heavy on the Silence (which is kind of the point). Pondering a swap out of Merlion maybe, but not sure who to replace it with.

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Thanks for trying the team and for your feedback!

Yes it is Silence heavy meant to be used against so many, including most of the current grief/exploit teams. But as you know not every team is suitable against every other and this deck is the same.

But it can be used extremely effectively against a wide variety of foes especially Exploders and Mythic-heavy teams that rely on catching lots of cascades. In some crazy way preventing spell casting isn’t so much the benefit of Silence as it is preventing Mana gathering. Disease on Steroids.

Don’t take Merlion out because he does 2x damage on Silenced enemies, plus as you kill AI troops, Merlion’s spell slowly concentrates down on the the remaining troops and therefore becomes ludicrously lethal. Plus it helps you avoid the AI turning the tide of the game. With a few Silenced/dead troops and this mechanism playing out you get a huge advantage.

Leviathan can feel like the odd man out, but you will lose Kingdom bonuses if you remove any of Troop 2, 3, 4 so pick carefully :slight_smile:

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Very true. I usually lean towards mana drain rather than silence because when Silence wears off the troop picks up right where they left off - or Plague’s “disease all” really slows down opponents if you can get it cast early. Having Famine and Plague as options really helps there, though I acknowledge that’s not the case for lots of people.

Still, being able to constantly silence the enemy is just as good (except for Impervious / Stealthy troops, where Famine rules). Silence is awesome because a silenced troop can’t self-cleanse… the only concern is a quick saving throw - if they un-silence themselves before you re-silence them, it can easily be game over when fighting (for example) Kraken / Justice / Valk teams.

After some experimentation, I really like this team though. Haven’t found a better troop for the Merlion or Leviathan spots. The one thing it’s missing is a way to quickly generate mana - Silence is all well and good, but if it takes you 3 turns to recharge your troops they’ll probably be able to get some spells off. Azura is OK (and I love her Plague-like spell) but there’s got to be some way to speed things up.

Great comment. You’ve definitely identified some of the deficiencies.

I’ve wracked my brain on how to smooth out the Mana gathering experience across all teams.

I’ve got a similar team which I’ve put up on defence this week
Silent one
Satyr musician
Pans lute (bard hero)
Yagas Hut

I’ll definitely give yours a try. Thanks.

I’ll give that one a go. I love trying out other people’s ideas.

I’m not sure about the pan’s lute though…

Trying stuff, most of which seems to fall flat for mysterious reasons, is half the fun of this game for me!


Now I have orpheus’ lute it’s much more interesting.
You can immediately cleanse a silenced silent one. This could be a very useful mechanic for gw


Its close to the same concept and it works

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I love it when great minds think alike :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t mean to step on your toes there, I did not see the comment in that thread. Most people by now I am better at talking than listening :stuck_out_tongue:

@efh313 and I were chewing the fat yesterday about teams, and turns out we both came up with pretty much exactly the same Anointed One deck! Except I think he had a much better 4th Troop tbh.

Punchy Boy, Valkyrie, Queen Ysabelle, and ???

Here is a video about this team.

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MY build for those that are interested was:

Dwarven Gate
Queen Ysa
Lion’s Banner (+2 blue, +1 yellow, -1 green)

The playstyle is similar to Kruds in the video, however, once you have a single cast of Valk she should fill all the other troops. If she does not fill QY, then cast Dwarven Gate, who should provide the extra 5 mana QY needs. Then cast QY on AO to hurt people and she will provide hopefully 5 more mana to Valk to start the process all over again. :wink:

Only cast AO when you are guaranteed an Extra Turn. Enjoy!


Oh how I love it when people take a Troop which looks fairly unassuming and make it just… rock. Good work on that one man!

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Don’t you people know I’m trying to theorycraft atm, stop putting all these good ideas in my head, it’s distracting :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:


I’ve already built a great Dragongard team built around the Orpheus Lute! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You’re trying to wreck my day?


Of course baba yaga at the bottom could be a better choice!