Team choices for the raid boss

What’s the best team to go against the raid boss?

Cheap and easy:

Mang (any class with Rock Solid)
Dwarven Gate
Dwarven Gate
Dwarven Gate

Yeah but he kills me even with a barrier

I am using Gorgotha, frostmage with jar of eyes, lord ironbeard (x3 damage on zully, like it way more than the event one, i like zully where he is, on bottom mana blocked as much as possible) and king ironforge.

Is just the first day tho, up to lvl 125 no loss and no escaped ravens, we will see later in the week.

Oh, as for banner am using AsE one if i recall well (2 green 1 blue -1 brown).

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Siegebreaker (fully traited)
Thief/Life and death
King Highforge

Up in lev 170-ish, no loses yet. Might substitute Life and Death for Rope Dart later on (armor strip and move zuul, rely on siegebreaker for the kill with skulls).

That’s true. I’d definitely switch out the team for something with more staying power later in the week.

Having multiple walls just guarantees a lot of mana and offers a fair amount of protection from everything that isn’t Zuul

Buy a lot of potions. I also hear War and Peace is really good and totally only available for money. Soon, when 4.4 releases, if you buy enough tiers you can just pay 3 sigils per match to get a huge stat boost.

Or wait it out. When you’re a relatively new player you can’t get super far in the events. Every week you’ll get a little further as you get better troops and can train them further.