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[Team Building] - Death

So I just got death a few days ago and have just now used a Major Orb of Wisdom to get all the traits unlocked.

I want to try and make some teams using him that are fun and viable in PVP.

My first thought was using Crimson Bat in 1st slot for that nasty 3x Skull damage to wounded enemies.
But, what about the other two slots?

Hope you fine folks can help out! Meanwhile I’ll see if I can figure anything cool out.

EDIT: Just checked then and it’s actually 2x against wounded. And 2x against Divine.
Which makes me want to make this a divine counter team. Any other ideas on that front?

You could use Valkyrie+ Mercy for a quick start, reasonable chance of looping until the whole teams is ready and some cleanse just in case. Plus souls.