TDS nerfed (more a question, not a statement)

Could it be htey nerfed TDS with the new Patch? (I didn’t read something about it in the patchnotes.)
Spell is now: “…deal 8 damage to all enemies…” wasn’t the damage randomly split before?

Just a small question. “You’re wrong!” should do the trick.

It was the same. Also 8 damage split would just be 8 damage. 8 damage to all means 8 damage x4 if there are 4 enemies alive, so that would be a buff not a nerf.

You’re wrong!

Besides, moving from 8 split damage to 8 damage to all would be a buff, not a nerf.

Split gets better when less enemies are alive while plain 8 on all is worse on less enemies.
Also - let’s say - 24 Split dagage on 4 enemies with 1-1-1-21 health would kill all 4 and not only 3.
So it’s a mattter of taste what is better…

But if you say it was always like this I believe you.

If you think about a a little longer you will find it hard to come up with a situation where 8 split damage could ever be better than 8 damage to all. You’d have to find a situation where somewhat less than one opponent is left alive.

Thread can be closed. The answer is:

“It has always been so.”

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