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Taxaholic recruiting! Casual, Supportive, Friendly, and Guild Wars competitive! (PC/Mobile) Currently Full

Taxaholic is currently recruiting.



20K Seals minimum weekly

All Tasks completed to minimum of 7/12 or 8/12. Most weeks
at least two are 11/12 or 12/12

Active yet friendly/casual environment: Laid Back Atmosphere with active guild chatter and a GM who communicates regularly

Guild Rank 225 and Climbing
Grandmaster I +300% Daily Gold Bonus

Competitive Guild Wars - in brackets 8-10 with 3-4 War wins per week.


Must be at least LVL 150

5/5 Guild Wars Battles on time Daily. If you will be away or cannot for some IRL reason notify us in Chat. As long as absence or inactivity are communicated they will be non issue.

No Gold Req. We want you to get all your kingdoms to 10 before you start donating gold. Gold Donations are typically a non issue, just no goose eggs once your kingdoms are max

No Minimum Seal Req. We have not had any issues with breaking 20K consistently, however Seal Minimums “may” be explored in the future. We always have a set handful hitting 1500 regularly, with another grouping of 750+. Typically lowest contribution is 250. You will hit over 200 just by daily login and 5 GW battles win or lose.

Bump bump bump.

Come one Come all, join us, the original threat hits the nail on the head, looking for players who want a competitive environment with a active highly communicative GM, helpful/supportive players, without feeling too hardcore.

No hardcore trophy reqs, no hardcore seal reqs, just be active, and do your daily GW battles on time :smiley:

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This is a great opportunity for the right players. This Guild is filled with great people who care about their Guildmates. If your ready to move up as a player and don’t want to grind like a machine. Taxaholic is a good fit. You gain the benefits of an active Guild with competitive players. Without the pressure and requirements of some of the Guilds in our brackets. They want you to become the player you want to be.

They don’t require you to contribute gold until you level up all your kingdoms to 10. In the mean time you will benefit from the resources gained from Guild Tasks. When you do contribute. You will be happy to do so. Knowing you are helping to do your part, as your Guildmates do for you. It’s a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that you will be glad to be a part of. Communication and participation in the Guild Wars is key. Do all your daily battles and communicate if there is a reason you can’t.

I waited too long to leave my starter Guild. I felt loyal to the Guild I started with. I didn’t want to leave. Unfortunately I had to leave in order to grow. I was gaining in rank while my ex Guild stagnated. I never experienced 1 completed Guild Task before. I was amazed at how it was at Taxaholic. Everyone was so welcoming, and that first Monday as a Guild member. It felt like an embarrassment of riches. I never had so many resources.

I still don’t really know how most people switch Guilds. I left mine after giving all I could. I had never used the chat before either. I saw people recruiting and I stated my current level and Woodviolets said their Guild would love to have me. I’m glad the Guild I needed was there at that time at that day. I’m truly happy to have joined such a great group.

Come to find out many of my fellow Guild mates had a story similar to mine. If your in need of a Guild and can meet the minimum requirements. Please join today. We would love to have you.

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I would be interested in an invite. I`m level 480ish, have all kingdoms to 10 and play daily though not a ton. I do GW each day. Not super chatty, I just do m’matchin and go about my day. Game name is King Turd, which I never thought I’d be typing on a public forum. Lemme know!

Invite sent. Welcome aboard.

Argh. Papa, could you resend that invite? I had the in-game guild search tab open when I last closed my tablet, and I think that somehow nullified my accepting the invite. I think we broke the game’s brain. Thanks much and thanks for the invite!

Still two open slots, join now while you still can :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on, come all, join us, we still have 2 slots for 2 fantastic people!

Our fantastic, welcoming, fun, and supportive guild still has 2 slots open! Try us out.

If you are looking for a good home, and a good fit, join Taxaholic. It is a great group. Come become the player you want to be. Not the player you are forced to be. Easy to meet requirements, and a great group. We are still competitive without the terms that make you grind like a workhorse. Spots available if this sounds like what you need. Join today we would love to have you.

Come join our fantastic group of supportive players. We currently have one slot open.

We have 1 opening left for the right player. If you are looking to step up your game play, but want to do so in a relaxed atmosphere, here is your opportunity. Come and grow with our Guild. We have a very friendly and helpful group that cares about you as a player. You won’t have to grind like a machine to meet the Guild requirements. While not as demanding as other Guilds. We are still competitive, and want you to have fun and enjoy the game.
Each member of the Guild benefits the other. We help each other be the player we want to be. If you are a higher ranking player that doesn’t want to work at the stringent pace and requirements of a higher ranked Guild. We are a good fit for you as well. We have members of the highest caliber that enjoy the extra time gained by easy to meet requirements. This is a wonderful opportunity for the right player. If you can meet the requirements. Don’t wait and miss a chance to become part of a Guild family.

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Small correction we now have 2 openings available for the right players. Don’t let a good opportunity pass by. Easy to meet requirements. Come and be great with Taxaholic.

1 spot left. Get em while they’re hot!

Still one slot open in our super supportive, Guild Wars focused guild. You’ll love it here.

Purged a couple of inactive players. Check out our super supportive, casual, but still competitive guild! 3-4 slots open.

Openings still available.

If you’re looking for a casual, supportive, Guild Wars competitive guild, check us out.

Tired of the frantic grind of the top end guilds? Try out Taxaholic. Its a perfect mix of casual and guild wars competitive. Check us out!