Taxaholic Recruiting and the rash of high level players leaving

Hello everyone, I am sad to say like many of you, I have had to say goodbye to friends in the game lately. It is alarming that so many of our experienced players have decided to leave the game. It is a difficult time for us all. I am thankful for the retirement Guilds that are helping to keep our currently frustrated players in game. Those players have so much knowledge to share, and they help shape the community. I am looking forward to when things stabilize. I look forward to helping the new players, and the next generation of hard chargers. They will have a great impact on the feel of the community.

Our main Guild Taxaholic has been lucky in the fact that we rarely experience turnover. We are a family that works hard for each other and helps our members reach their goals.

I am saddened to see our high level players and friends leave the game. I have watched the detrimental effects it has had on many of my fellow Guild leaders and their Guilds. Which is why when I have time I have helped them recruit in Global when I can. Running our Guilds keeps me busy, but I will always try to help those in need.

I have been informed by member of our Guild family and friend that they have decided to quit the game. Like many of the other players quitting they have been overwhelmed with how much time it takes to participate in the Events and Activities. I am very saddened by this news. I know people usually play a game for a short time, and then move on to the next. It is amazing how people stay such a long time, and invest their time in this game. The thing that makes this game so great are the people. It is an awesome community filled with wonderful people. Developing friendships, and working for your Guild, keeps people coming back.

You may be alone while in a match, but you know the product of those matches help you, and everyone in your Guild. It allows us all to share in the rewards and achievements. It gives you people who will congratulate you on your successes, and also be there to support you, and lift you up during difficult times.

My Guilds and the members in them are all a part of our Family. Taxaholic is the parent Guild to the other three, and everyone is important to me. I know I am supposed to give all the stats to convince you to join us. We get the Seals. We do Legendary Tasks, and we are competitive in Guild Wars. We do all of those things for the benefit of each other. I am looking for a new family member. I want to see you grow into the player you want to become. My goal is to provide a positive, fun, and encouraging environment. If anyone is interested and wants to know more please message me here on the Forums, or on Discord at Santiago#7358

To all of the other Guilds that are losing long term players, you have my Sympathy, Support, and help when I am able to do so. I hope you all find who you are looking for. To those looking I hope you all find the Guild that is just right for you. There are wonderful Guilds, Guild leaders, and players that just need to find each other.

Thank you everyone for your time, and have a great day.