Taxaholic needs some new collectors!

Hello everybody, Relle here, and it’s tax season! Literally! But also for this game!

I’ll keep this short and sweet: Taxaholic is looking for level ~1000 players on PC/mobile, with some pretty simple reqs:

  • Participate in weekly guild events, including invasion/raid boss
  • Participate in Guild Wars

…and that’s it! We want players that treat the game like a game and not a major grind (though if you want to grind, that’s okay too). No strict gold/trophy goals, just participation in events so everyone gets their weekly resources. You’ll also have access to some quality veteran players who can help you craft your teams for events/PVP/guild wars/etc. and a chill, friendly environment in which you can advance in this weird little match-3 RPG.

Reply here or hit me up on discord (Relle#7577) if you’re interested!

Hi- I recently took a GoW break and am looking for a chill guild to start back up again, and this sounds ideal! I’m level 1355, and my invite code is RIGOBERTO_53