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Tatiana's fan doesn't work (Fixed)

I tried to use the fan during a battle but it doesn’t work as the card suggests. No blue gems are ever removed.


I think you are confused with glitter cause titiana doesn’t remove blue from the board

No confusion here on iOS. The boost for blue gems (removed) is being applied but the gems are indeed not being removed


Bumped this over to support category so it might get seen more readily by those who need to see it.

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Oh nevermind must be bad translation again in french :slight_smile:

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Thanks all! We’ll take a look :ok_hand: What platform are you on @AmazonJax and everyone and what is your lanuage?

Edit this has been confirmed. Investigating.

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I play on a PC using Steam, and english, please.

I get the other characteristics (life and cleanse), btw.


p.s you can check in the Known Issues thread as well.