Taransworld chest odds

I noticed the other day that the chest odds section of taransworld has been changed to say “(historic)” and that the chest odds are no longer available in the game. this seems like a big change to me but i don’t see anyone mentioning it. So i was just wondering what everyone’s opinions are on losing that information. Also, does anyone have any insight as to why it’s no longer available, will it ever come back? etc. I don’t have any strong opinions on this but it seemed crazy to me that i havent seen it brought up anywhere.

See here, and comments below (:slightly_frowning_face:):

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ah ok thanks! i guess i missed that post.

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The community has repeatedly used that information to prove that chest contents were configured incorrectly, not containing the best items at all or at a significantly reduced chance. It’s unlikely to come back, by making it more difficult for players to figure out that they are not receiving what they are paying for they have to refund less purchases.


very interesting. thank you for the insight!

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