Tall, Dark, and Gruesome

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New Epic Troop: The Umbral Giant The Umbral Giant will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Key to Darkness There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event:…



The loot table for troops in event chests is expected to look like this:

Chance Amount Troop
0.11% 1 Kalika
3.2% 1 King Heliodor, Nexus Portal
12% 1 Hawthorn, Natureborn Hunter, Shayle, The Umbral Giant, Valiant Pyrea, Water Weird, Waterborn Priestess
21.6% 1 Natureborn Wolf, Stoneborn Lion, Waterborn Owl
21.6% 2 Fireborn Eagle, Fireborn Warrior, Nature Weird
21.49% 3 Natureborn Warden

Event chests don’t contain faction troops, guild wars troops, doom troops, tarot cards and special soulforge troops, even though the official Game Guides suggest otherwise.

Event chests have been configured incorrectly in the past. Infinity Plus Two doesn’t compensate for keys wasted due to their mistakes. If you plan to spend a large amount of keys, make sure what you are looking for has already been found by other players.


I like this detail right here, so I’ve noticed :sweat_smile::+1:

This is a confusing event when first looking at it. However, for the vast majority of players who are just doing their part in the guild event (so wanting to get the average score) then I believe this order will suffice and should be a low buy in

For those who will be chasing the leaderboards then I think taking Zephyros and levelling him up would be a wise move. For most of us though, we won’t be doing enough battles of him to get him above 40 points. The Mirror Queen however, quickly surpasses Umbral Portal.

If you want to work it out and show a better route, I’m happy to include your info but for now, I think this is best. I will of course post my usual graphics at reset


Oh boy, it is.

Why, devs, why?

Hurray for Hawx helping us all! :heart:


Playerbase has been asking forever to make a simple scoring system displayed in-game:
Nada, even though mods allegedly agree with such a suggestion…

…the same mods who have been dodging answering the “is the Tower in Vault” question for a week or two…

Unquestionably consistent
:roll_eyes: :person_facepalming: :vulcan_salute:


Someone mentioned lately, that players should not be required to look up information on external platforms. I would agree with that.
What does the team think about that matter?

P.S.: Regarding the “Is troop X released yet” matter - Can we even be sure, that there is still communication going on between the forum moderators and the developers?


Here are the graphics to help you this week

Event Summary

Average Tier Buy In per member to close all rewards is Tier 2

Reward Amounts

Battles and Scoring

Global Chat 429 (pc/mobile)

This is not an easy event at first glance however in short:

Fight 4 Battles then fight Ishtara then The Onyx Giant, repeat.

  • There has been some variation between picking the scaling battles (the circle icon ones) and the Umbral random drop chance ones. Without boring you with the numbers, it looks like Umbral stopped dropping so many 100 points random drops and this meant you can save 5 sigils by picking the circle icons to reach that average score needed to close all rewards. This has only been the 2nd time in 2+ years that the World Event method, icons or scoring has changed from the test server to the production servers. Whichever method you pick, with a Tier 2 buy in you will reach that required score but some may have 5 sigils to spare

If you are doing a leaderboard push then Zephyros would end up being worth more.


Tyvm this helps a lot!