Talk like a pirate flash offer

First I believe this is false advertising. The offer states pirate set 2 which implies u will get multiple pirate themed emojis. Instead u get just 1 emoji. The pirate emoji’s artwork is also crap. It is basically the poop icon w a pirate hat and eye patch. Its like the devs r taking advantage of our love for this game. They believe we are suckers enough to grab any product they put out there.
Devs, don’t falsely claim a set when u r offering only 1. Second, if u want my money, put out quality emojis with decent new artwork. Not that piece of crap you were trying to push us to buy for $10

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I guess it’s “Pirate set 2” because there was already a Pirate set

Maybe “Pirate set #2” would work better or “Pirate day set” or whatever
I have no clue how 1 item qualifies as a set tho lol


I would have been fine with that set. Why didnt the nintendo switch get pirate set 1 first?

I think that was related to the Rogue invasion or Sunken Fleet Delve. It may be for an event not released on switch yet. Just a guess