Take a Mulligan

Hi all.
I’m just starting this because I thought it was a good idea and wanted to discuss it with you guys and get your thoughts too.
Basically we know that the guild wars scoring is changing but the biggest issue is still rng and downright bad luck, especially if you get a dreadful starting board.
So my idea is called take a Mulligan. You have the opportunity at the start of every battle to either jumble the board or reset completely but let the ai go first. Obviously jumble and reset are different, so I’m wondering if there are any preferences here.
Folks, thoughts?

The only time I would ever use such a reset is when I see more than one purple/yellow block lined up, with an opposing Mercy ready to fire. In such a situation, a jumble would probably still hand the opposing team another turn due to the already high yellow/purple density.

Any other time, there is too much risk associated with handing the AI a board with no control over possible 4- and 5-matches that may be present.

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Yes I agree, although we could implement the reset instead of jumble but at what cost?

no jumble,

reset at cost of passing turn - one reset per entire war(enemy guild of specific color) allowed

only available at first turn of each fight if you have any resets left

but im more concerned about skydrop rng, its too high

The developers could do something very similar to this AND simultaneous upgrade a troop from “completely worthless” to "Situationally OP":wink:.

Replace War Sphinx 1st or 2nd Trait with Empowered. ‘The Riddle’ is your mulligan.

Except you have to use war sphincter, which is ok but not the best troop for gw, although it has actually won me a few games!

Yes, that’s why I suggested it: because its actually balanced against something… the ‘mulligan’ troop taking up a spot (and not that an instant win). As opposed to a brand new reset button added to the player’s side without any drawback whatsoever.

Unfortunately this goes into the often brought up topic of how high a win rate do people need…

No, there is a drawback, the ai goes first. That’s the risk you take. I really don’t think you’re understanding or read the suggestion properly.

I don’t think this suggestion would add anything of value to the game. No thanks. Sorry.


Fair enough

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