Tacet Video Polling

Hello everyone! I intend to start doing YouTube videos more often and would love to hear whatever feedback, criticism, and suggestions you may have up to this point. Feel free to comment them below.

I am doing these mainly for all of you, so I want to make sure they are up to par with what the community wants. Please answer the below polls if you have time.

What is your main reason for watching Tacet’s videos?

  • To learn about Gems of War
  • Entertainment
  • The redeem codes
  • Bored

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What kind of quality to output ratio are you looking for from the channel?

  • No to minimal editing, but post as often as possible. (current)
  • Moderate editing with 2-4 videos a week.
  • A lot of editing with 1-2 videos a week.

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What video duration would you prefer?

  • Below 10 minutes
  • 10-20 minutes
  • 20-30 minutes
  • Above 30 minutes
  • A variety of time lengths

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What is the MAX amount of videos you would watch from the channel within a week?(assuming if I was to post that much)

  • 1
  • 2-3
  • 4-7
  • 7-10
  • All of them (10+)

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I’m confused as to how “post as often as possible” has 70%, but watching 2-3 videos max also has 70%.

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Probably more to do with the editing portion of the “posting as often as possible” poll. I went with 2-3 a week, but I don’t feel the videos need that much editing, so went with posting as often as possible.

That makes sense too. Pretty much any GoW related video I could ever do would need minimal to no editing.

My plan output wise was to start aiming for 5-7 a week, only dropping down to 2-3 on busy weeks. If I start reducing most videos below 10 minutes as a lot of people seem to want, it would be a lot easier to increase the number of videos that I do. I can have a concept, record, render, and publish a 10 minute video in about 1-2 hours per video. Currently it stands around 2-4 hours per video for 20-30 minutes.

no wonder my videos looked like crap… they took me as long to make as they were long…

Normally it takes me more time to make the thumbnail and set up the teams for display than it does to record the actual video. xD

Haha I it took it as do 2-3 videos but don’t try and doll them up to much.

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I’m curious what would happen if I was to do 7 videos a week with 5 of them under 10 minutes and the other 2 above 10 minutes.

If I was to hypothetically do 7 videos a week, what are the majority of you 2-3 max people looking for to determine the 2-3 that you watch? Would you stop watching if the output was that high (7 a week)?

I really enjoy your videos. Keep up the great work!


This is what I thought too. Most people won’t watch more than a couple per week and don’t care too much about the production quality; they just want them to be around 10 min and informative.

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First poll can have just one answer, that’s not enough :stuck_out_tongue:

It is like watching overwatch or splatoon, as long as it is good i will watch it. Pewdiepie quality is not the quality i am looking for.

I watch your videos to learn more about the new troops. You’re very experienced and see combos where I would overlook them.

If they are the same caliber of your previous videos I sure the majority would watch. Quality of content first over duration or frequency. New insights, new team combos, tips, why teams work or don’t work, etc… PS I’ve enjoyed all your videos so far.


I would expect real life to interfere at times and don’t have any real expectations myself. In general, just do what you can (as long as you are enjoying yourself) and that most should know that there will be times when a rigid scheduled amount of videos would be an unrealistic expectation every week.

I am thankful for what you have been able to accomplish without expecting you to always have time. Some weeks might have more videos than others and it also depends on how many changes have occured within the game too.

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Like I said in the other thread, I really like your videos, and I’m going to watch them all, however many you end up producing.

The area that needs a little touching up the most is your microphone audio. I don’t know what microphone you’re using right now, or even what a good but affordable setup would look like, and maybe you just need to readjust the loudness or something, but right now it’s clipping, fuzzy and a little grating, to the point where it sounds really cheap, if you know what I mean.

Yes, I know what you are referring to. I can do an audio fix that will fix that in only a couple minutes. The problem is that putting that audio back in would take a total around 1 hour per 3 minutes of video. I try to keep as many of my videos unedited to make their production time as minimal as possible. Currently, my most edited video has the lowest amount of views relative to similar uploads of mine. I could have created 3-4 videos for the time it took to do that 1.

The other option could also be just to mess with the mic options. I like to have a clean source in case I do decide to edit, but since a majority of my videos don’t do edits I might as well just keep the setting to something partially modified.

Just remember to check the audio next time. No need to edit your current video. Call it progress and possible address it in the next video.

I meant editing future ones. It takes a looong time to render anything in full quality settings.

I do have a solution though that won’t require editing. I am just going to modify all my mic options until something works. I prefer post editing audio in case any of the automatic features mess up, but since I am doing no editing on way more videos than I am editing, it will be better to have the adjustments automatically on. This way it will add no time to a video’s production rather than hours.

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What container and codec are you using for your videos? It shouldn’t take hours to swap out an audio track, because you shouldn’t need to rerender, just demux, remux. Should only take a matter of minutes, if that.