T.M.N.D.T - PC/Mobile Event

Love the topic name.

Curious, what does Submerge do?

Love the look of the turtle and hammerhead! :smiley:

If I understood it correctly it is immune to one AoE attack when its activated.

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If there is an AOE attack, it will skip any submerged troops.

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Not sure if it will be similar to stealth, so that if all troops are submerged that, effectively, none are.

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Added this to the post to clarify Submerged.


Does that mean Tesla/Rowanne f.example will deal more spread around damage to other troops when cant deal any damage to submerged troops.


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shartles bro!


No. The damage is calculated based on number of alive troops. The submerged troop will dodge the damage similar to Agile. Note that the damage will still display, but will not affect the submerged troop.


No, it works more like Agile in that all the troops will dodge the damage. Though it’s worth noting that once a submerged troop takes an action it loses it’s submerged status (similar to Enraged).


If an enemy troop has Barrier and 3 other has not, Tesla/Rowanne deals the normal damage amount still spread around to the 3 troops without barrier. If I remember correctly? So then Submerge works differently?

Still weird so 1 submerged troop Protect everyone?

Only himself/herself. If all troops has Submerged activated all is protected tho.

We now need electric status to attack this underwater troop :slight_smile:



Wonder if there’s going to be any more shark people when Merlantis hits? I want a full team of sharkmen!

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Remember folks, a common in the glory pack pool means that it won’t immediately be immediately in chests. Don’t bother opening your gold keys until another month after this event.

Clarification on submerged. Damage is specified, so I assume status effects will apply normally? What about traits like tentacles? What about Aspect of Plague, which is only “damage” 25% of the time? If an action is either a skull or a spell, then basically these troops that aren’t in the first slot are just immune to group damage once they cast once, unless dispelled, because they’ll submerge again once they cast a spell, because the submerge is tied to the spell. I wish we could get some counter mechanics in here that don’t deal in absolutes like this.


The effect only applies to Group AoE damage effect. Eg troops like Garuda and Behemoth that “deal x damage to all enemies”.

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