Swords Talent Tree Non Existant

None of the classes offer bonuses for using a sword as your weapon. Since there are many sword weapons found in the game, at least one class, maybe knight ??? should offer an incentive to use swords.
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Also, the campaign has a task included to use swords.
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I don’t get this … Hero Classes get a +5 Magic bonus for equipping a matching weapon color (Sentinel = Brown, Warlord = Red, etc), where is any bonus for equipping a specific weapon type?

OP is probably (?) talking about the bonuses that exist in the class talent trees that can give bonus to magic based on certain weapons, e.g., “Gain 2 Magic if using a Mace” in the Storms tree at level 5.


Yes, talent trees, hence the thread title … :slight_smile:

Just wondering if the devs are considering this.
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