Switching Classes Mid-Semester

So I have a question about switching classes when working towards the special weapon. I’m only about 51 battles away from gaining the Serpentine Dagger for the Assassin Class, but a team someone suggested to me recommends using War and Peace with the Ranger Class.

I need to make sure I don;t have to start from scratch for another 250 battles.

Also, regarding the Serpentine Dagger…it has a weird value I don’t quite understand.

See, I understand all the perks and traits, and I get that the chance to OHKO goes up by 10% (from 10% to 20%) if they are poisoned, but what I DON’T understand is the little ‘[10x]’ at the end. That’s usually there for explaining how much damage a card does in addition to the flat amount when altered by another factor (Elwyn and amount of yellow gems destroyed, Grand Inquisitor and the number of Whitehelm allies), but there is no factor that changes the damage.

Why is the there?

My guess is that it’s the scaling if they are poisoned. So it’s 10 + (poisoned) x 10, where poisoned is either 0 or 1.

Also assuming Console works the same as PC/Mobile, you should not lose your progress when you change classes.


You won’t lose your progress if you change your class. :slight_smile:


That is in fact the explanation. I’m just too lazy to fix it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use the Serpentine dagger always…but I also want to know if we’re from Mist of Scales (Assassin class) and we want to build up the Titan class, do we have to switch to the home where the Titan class is? Can I stay in Mist of Scales and keep the same banner while training different classes?
(I had tried to ask this in a new post, but it kept saying my post was “similar” to yours and I couldn’t post it. It’s similar but does ask a different question.) Thanks.

The only way to get class experience (besides buying it) is to equip the class on your hero while you play. There is no way to get Assassin experience and Titan experience at the same time — you have to choose to play with one or the other.

What weapon you use won’t matter. Neither will your banner, your home kingdom, or anything else.

Hope that helps; if not, someone on PC can probably share a quick screen to explain visually!

There’s a few different ways to interpret that question.

  • if by “home” you are referring to home kingdom, then no, that doesn’t have to change, it has nothing to do with class xp or anything in battles, it only affects tributes in a minor way (and the background you see displayed on your hero)
  • if by “home” you mean change what kingdom your hero is from in battle, then yes - if you look at any class, on the Class Info tab it shows you what kingdom the hero is now from. Whenever you use this class with your hero in battle, your hero will count as being from that kingdom. So if you’re training Titan, your hero will be from Stormheim in battle, there’s no way around that.
  • banner has no relation to classes, feel free to use whatever banner is most useful in your teams
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Yeah I have it equipped, I know you can’t build up 2 at the same time. Thanks for responding.

Ahh thank you! Your 2nd point was the answer i needed.