Switch players introduce yourselves

Hi, I’m Oninowon. Just saw this game on the Switch this past Saturday and downloaded it. Still learning. I like that the tutorial doesn’t slam you with everything at once. At first I did not like that you had to spend resources to follow along in the tutorial, especially obtaining special abilities. However, as the game opened up more, I realized that how easy it was to get those resources back and more. I just finished the story modes and challenges in Adana and Broken Spire. I’ve entered Whitehelm recently and been working to clear the story in there as well.

I joined a Guild a few days ago and love the benefits. Still feeling my way around that as well. Reading some of the threads here, there seems to be some complaints lodged at guilds created for Switch users. I understand very little of the ranking system but was lucky to find a guild for casual players.


Welcome, I’m Janabai and I play both on the Switch and the X-Box One. I play daily, but am still more of a casual player, because I am focusing on certain things, (e.g., on XBox I’m doing soul farming, and on
Switch I’m still opening up kingdoms). I contribute to my guilds at least once per week, but haven’t been doing guild wars or PVP because I’m trying to level up all of my cards. It’s a very complicated game, and as you continue to play you will see this. There are some great youtube videos that delve into the complexity of the games on all machines; i recommend TacettheTerror and Sinnycool if you want to take a deep dive into the gameplay.
Good luck!

Hi Janabai. I wrote that 4 months ago lol. Since that time my hero has grown and I have moved on from my old guild to form my own, called The Moritat.

I recommend you do arena. You will get not only a good amount of gold but souls as well. It is also a good practice for PvP. As for Guild Wars I encourage you to participate no matter what your level. Don’t be afraid to lose. You are not hurting your guild by participating. Taking a loss does not penalize your guild and if you win, you add points towards your guild’s total. So, you see, participation, is actually beneficial to both you and your guild. Your guild gets more points and you gain some xp both for your hero and you as a player.

Anyway, I hope you are in a good guild. I was fortunate to find a guild where I could learn more about the game and in the process, I learned more about myself as a gow player. Good luck!

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Me like to YEET stuff! :smiley:

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hello im k9darkheavenwolf also known as midnighthunterwolf im autistic and heard about this game through my leader and co leader in A9 legends. I love gaming and im out of school so im very active on my games. I own a yt channel called Tactical_K9RangerWolf which has my favorite music and subs that i watch. I love warrior cats and Rp