Switch Compensation + Nightmare Circus

It’s been more then 35 days since the Switch got synched with other platforms. Yet we STILL don’t have compensation that was promised or the Nightmare Circus delve.

Earlier it was stated that because of some issues it would take 35 days. We’re well over that and no other update has been given yet. Will things come next monday or do we have to wait even longer again?


We have to wait for them to get back from their holiday break. The 35+ days we had have to wait for compensation is to be expected. We clearly weren’t their top priority when they had a brief amount of time to fix things.

It’s business as usual, but this is why the player base for Nintendo Switch is so small, and it’s getting harder to keep people to stay. Hopefully we can get the synch compensation, missing troops from the laberinthian tablet campaign and the nightmare circus faction before the weekend or early next week. We just want respect.

@Bramble @Kafka or anyone else. We have waited, and we at least deserve a response.:+1:


any updates regarding when nightmare circus will become available?

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