Switch Campaign Tasks (Prismatic Key)

Since Switch received the v6.9 update three campaigns “earlier” than the other platforms did, that leaves us in relatively uncharted territory as our Campaign Tasks have nothing to be compared to – so I’ll go ahead and start documenting them here:

Campaign 11: The Prismatic Key

  • Week 1 - Stormheim: Dominator, Ice Crystals, Brawler
  • Week 2 - Drifting Sands: Stone Crystals, Dominator, Gold Digger
  • Week 3 - Forest of Thorns: Slayer, Forest Crystals, Gold Digger
  • Week 4 - Broken Spire: Brawler, Brown Slayer, Slayer
  • Week 5 - Pridelands: Red Slayer, Slayer, Gold Digger
  • Week 6 - Urskaya): Glory Hound, Slayer, Brawler
  • Week 7 - Karakoth: Brawler, Dominator, Slayer
  • Week 8 - Whitehelm: Dominator, Glory Hound, Slayer
  • Week 9 - Drahk-Zum: Brawler, Brown Slayer, Dominator
  • Week 10 - Nexus: Slayer, Dominator, Brawler
Task descriptions (unless already noted)
  • Brawler: Win # Battles in any mode (except Training)" (?/?/50)
  • Dominator: “Win # PVP Battles” (25/20/?) (Includes both Ranked and Casual PVP modes)
  • Forest Crystals: “Match # Green Gems”
  • Ice Crystals: “Match # Blue Gems” (1000/800/?)
  • Stone Crystals: “Match # Brown Gems” (1000/800/?)
  • Gold Digger: “Earn # Gold from any battle (except Training)” (?/?/7500)
  • Glory Hound: “Earn # Glory from any (i.e. PVP) battle” (100/?/?)
  • Slayer: “Kill # Enemies in any battle” (200/160/?)
    not to be confused with “[troop type] Slayer”

While we have no official news on how Campaign Tasks are picked, previously it was criticized any time a given week featured the same task more than once (not counting rerolls). But with fewer Tasks going forward (and no rerolls) I’ll suggest the idea that no Campaign Task should be repeated between adjacent weeks (ideally repeated at all, but there are nonetheless 30 total tasks per Campaign to account for, compared to 16 per Week previously). I will be highlighting any such “duplicate” Tasks in bold.

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Well, that certainly didn’t take long, because we have “Dominator” two weeks in a row. Fortunately it is the Silver task this time (20 battles, vs. 25 for Gold) but it’s still a mode that not all of us like to engage in to begin with (I know I shied away from it for a very long time thinking it was live multiplayer, something the game does not explain).

For new players Dominator is a hassle, because it detracts from kingdom progression. Other events (like class challenge) the player can choose to ignore if he doesn’t care about the rewards, but one can’t really ignore the campaign.

New week and we have a repeat task of … Gold Digger. Could be worse, I guess.

Also, apparently there’s a task simply called “Slayer” which is not a bug but a legitimate “kill any enemies (of any type)”.

Week 4 update: Our new tasks are Brawler, Brown Slayer, and Slayer.

Slayer is a repeat from the previous week; Brawler is also a repeat but not from the previous week.

(I think there might be something wrong with the quotas this week, but I’ll need to double-check my screenshots to be sure.)

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Week 5 Update - our new tasks are:

  • Red Slayer: At least this kinda fits the theme (Pridelands’s banner color is Red).
  • Slayer: It’s back, second week in a row (and 3rd week total).
  • Gold Digger: Also returning for its third (albeit non-consecutive) week.

We’re now halfway through the campaign and have only seen 9 different tasks (out of 15).

Week 6 Update - our new tasks are:

  • Glory Hound: is … actually new for this campaign (unless you count it the same as Dominator)
  • Slayer: is back for a 3rd week in a row (and 4th time total)
  • Brawler: is back for a 3rd (nonconsecutive) week

Protip: Put Spirit of Rage on your PVP team for the bonus +5 Glory – then you can complete it half the battles (12-17 instead of 25+).

As of Week 7 (Karakoth):

  • Brawler: 2nd week in a row, 4th total
  • Dominator: 3rd (nonconsecutive) week
  • Slayer: 4th week in a row, 5th total

Protip: This is a Guild Wars week so that helps address the Dominator task (up to 24 PVP battles).

And now it is Week 8:

  • Dominator, again
  • Glory Hound
  • Slayer, 5th week in a row

Yeah, we have both of the PVP-oriented tasks running this time.

Protip: Using Topaz Giant in PVP mode will give you +5 Glory this week, which counts towards the Silver task.

Week 9:

  • Brawler, again
  • Brown Slayer, for its 2nd week
  • Dominator, 3rd week in a row

Well … at least it’s only 15 PVP Battles not 25.

Finally, week 10:

  • Slayer, again
  • Dominator, 4th week in a row
  • Brawler, 2nd week in a row
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