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Surprise Vault Drop!

Guys! I got a surprising new!!

So, I was just doing my Invasion battle, when the gnome suddenly appeared. I managed to kill it, and get a Vault Key! The first one from this event for me! ^^

Then I went out of Invasion to the Vault battle to get my drops. After winning it, my 3 Gnome drop 1 gem key, 500 souls, 2 minor wind traitstone. Not that exciting. But you won’t believe what Cedric Sparklesack drop for me. IT’S ZUUL’GOTH!!!

I was so excited that I forget to take a screenshot from vault result, but here is one from Troop Manu.


I’m so happy right now! ^___^


If that isn’t obvious enough that it’s a lie…

Happy April Fool’s day, everyone! ^^


At least adjust the card frame ratio so that it lines up with all the other cards…

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You should level him some, level 0 is pretty shitty!


I wish this was an April Fool’s.
I had a job interview this week.
They asked, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years and in 10 years?”.
I answered, “In 5 years I’d like to settle down and buy a home. In 10 years I’d like to craft Zuul’Goth.”
I don’t think I got the job. :confused:


0/10 on the photoshop effort.

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Last night I had a dream about this april fool’s joke. I dreamt that I craft Zuul’Goth and used him on explore. Here’s images captured from my dream recorder. (How else, duh? :laughing:)


I woke up this moring, early to play Gems of War in hope that he’s really there. He’s obviously not… T^T

Oh well, see you again next year in real life, Zuul’Goth! :rofl: