Supremacy is recruiting on Xbox one!

The day has arrived! Gems of war is now available for Xbox one! Come dominant the leaderboards and get ahead of the game. Supremacy needs dedicated gems of war veterans to push for the top spot. I’ve been playing gow on Android since release and my guild currently ranks 24 come join me and be a part of something great. Link your invite codes below and lets have some fun

so wait, are you calling your xbox one guild match masters?

Yes we are a new guild on xbox

FYI, there is already a guild called Match Masters of which I am in. And last I checked we were the #1 guild. Can there be 2 guilds with the same name, just wondering cause wouldn’t that be confusing?

Oh and congrats for being on Xbox.

Thank you. The name has been changed to avoid this issue.

hey, i would like to join your guild.

ive been looking for a guild that is active on playing and i hiopwe you are one.

im almost level 40 and i havent lost any invade yet :P.

i play a couple of hours every day.

invite code = TINUS


To be honest I wouldn’t care about they having that name. Lol. If they are gonna reign supreme just like us we might as well have them as our Xbox counterpart or “sister guild”. Which would have been awesome. I hope you make your way to the top anyways, good luck!

Match Masters GM