Support ticket creation is failing during peak times

Hi guys,

It looks like you support ticket system is overloading… I’m guessing due to all the issues this morning with disappearing rewards.

But what happens is that you fill in the full support form, and click submit.
Instead of it taking you back to the main support page, you get an empty screen in your browser… With no indication whether the ticket was created or not.

Is this situation still occurring?

If your Ticket was created successfully, when you go into your Account details and check for Open tickets the new one will be listed in blue. If nothing is there, then it failed during submission.

Hot tip to mitigate frustration:
I always copy my ticket contents to the clipboard memory right before posting, just in case. I get ticket failures on all sorts of platforms, not just on Zendesk, so it’s better to be safe than sorry if you’ve spent a while describing your current plight in Krystara!


If your ticket was sent succesfully you should get an automatic email response from the support system.


From what I experienced yesterday, if you end up with a blank page in your browser, the ticket did not get created (no email).

You can click back and hit refresh in your browser.
You will then have to fill in a few fields a new, but the main text fields should still be intact.
Of course, you can copy the description before hitting refresh, just to be safe :slight_smile:

I’ve had no problem with support ticket system I was helped twice :grin:

no problems for me either very fast and fixed the problem in 1 day

The actual support is great, i created this topic because the creating of the tickets themselves is failing during busy times, like at the weekly reset…

Edit: i edited the title to better reflect this.

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