Sunspear class makes no sense

Sunspear class makes no sense whatsoever. Some abilities duplicate talents (Fireproof as talent and Fireproof as ability, Firestarter and Heatwave) and even contradict each other, such as Nature’s Aura vs Heatwave. Class is making Hero Raksha but there is no talents to support Rakshas.

We have brought the issues up with this class before and heard nothing from the devs…i doubt they care but plz spend gems leveling up the class and all the future classes shoved into existence because they all need to be lvl 100 to receive max cool points!

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Sirrian did actually acknowledge certain things like the duplicate/conflicting storm talents for Sunspear in the latest Q&A, but I don’t think it was planned to be addressed in the short term.

If you have a good look at other classes you’ll see there are more classes with one or more inconsistencies. For instance: some classes have talents for a race of troop but have another race consigned to it.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
For the consigned race there are no talents….
If you take a good look you’ll find some more inconsistencies…. :face_with_monocle:

The class upgrades werent designed for long term cohesion, as with everything else in this game lol

I have used all the classes and found something useful in each one, except for this class. All this contradictions and duplicates make this class completely unusable, but with the little changes it can be good enough for Stryx troops.

Uh, what? It has tons of useful talents, and its 3rd trait is useful.

I recommend watching this video.


This class is very useful even with these useless talents.

I’ve recently started leveling the thief class and am also quite confused. In many ways it’s set up as a rogue, with mechanics that work around gold. But then it’s type is a goblin. Right.

The permanent red storm can be very useful. Raksha also benefits significantly from Ubastet.