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Suncrest kingdom logo out of place?

Is it me or the Suncrest kingdom emblem just does not fit the rest of the world’s kingdom emblems? I though Suncrest has one that fits before the update?

Do not know why this bothers me so much everyone I look at the map :frowning:


yeah, looks like it got changed recently. This is how it used to look like.

Yep that would be better… More in line with the other kingdoms. @Saltypatra any ideas why it was changed?

Perhaps I have an early onset of OCD :open_mouth:

It looks more like some US related illuminati secret group logo now, far worse than the old one. Surely there was a good reason why it was changed? I feel a poll incoming…

My best bet is that it got changed because 1. the emblem was too similar to another one which is copyrighted, or 2. they wanted to have an emblem that symbolized a little more Stryx, birds, or 3. This emblem was meant for another kingdom and not Suncrest.

I would probably ask for a redesign. The Suncrest logo is really lack-lustre

I actually agree with that the old emblem absolutely didn’t fit the theme of the kingdom (it fit the theme in terms of buildings/background as both seem Mayan, but not the troops). However, I, too, think that the new emblem just doesn’t fit in with the rest. At first I was worried that all emblems would be changed, but thankfully Bright Forest’s emblem is stunning. But Suncrest’s just looks… weird. Like a different artist did it. It looks less hand-drawn and more like something you make with a 3D program. :confused:

How about the next community contest could be designing a Suncrest emblem which then gets professionally drawn by whoever did the other emblems, maybe?