Sunbird bosting AI team health

Platform, device version and operating system
Console, X1X

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Sunbird to kill the entire AI team, all AI troops gained health.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Rare, just noticed it today.

Steps to make it happen again
Start a Explore using Sunbird and friends, face Xathenos

Ok, my title is a bit misleading…
I’m sure there is a bug in the way Xathenos’s third trait interacts with Sunbird’s ability ‘Resurrection’. In this short video you can see the bug, I kept boosting the AI health again and again, (the video only shows it twice)

The capture includes a few seconds on my confusion between ability uses, I later noticed that I missed a 4 match because of it too😁

So closed? Lol
Sunbird dies… Xathenos buffs undead troops off of dead troops … Working as intended.

The video shown has Sunbird dealing minimal damage to enemies far lower than its total damage and having them all survive with far lower life than the trait trigger gives each - the trait triggered at the moment of death and somehow prevented them from dying, but not in either expected way. First, they all had 1 health remaining, not 5, as would be expected if the trait triggered like the old Life Drain glitch. Then, a second cast has them all gaining five life and not taking any damage at all - they took zero damage from the sunbird cast, then the sunbird died/resurrected and gave them all an additional 5 life and magic (the rear 3 troops now at 6 life). Neither interaction is remotely correct.

Even Life Drain, which used to save troops from death if they were dealt lethal damage via an enemy sacrifice would save them from death by adding the life after they had “died”, effectively resurrecting them with four life (and this was corrected so it no longer does this). It wouldn’t create phantoms immune to further spell damage that continued to gain life every time an enemy died.


I slowed it down. Misunderstood what the bug report was claiming earlier. Xathenos third trait is giving life to troops that should be dead from sunbird dying. Yep that’s a bug.