Sun and Moon - weapon


Do anyone know last time this weapon was available? Really need it… :expressionless:


What you need is a Clockwork orange treatment for those eyes.


Show some respect to Norways Captain Saber Tooth. :sweat_smile:

He gotta be the Pirate Mythic!!!


The answer you are looking for is 1 year and a half ago was when it was available as a glory reward, until then it has not been up as a glory reward since.


I think it was available some time the month before last in one of the $50 bundles or something. But before that, it was a year and a half ago as a glory reward. And I’m SO glad that I got it


I hope I will get it soon. I really need that weapon! :frowning:


Have you read my newest invention in our guild forum? You REALLY need that weapon! ^^


Very nice team indeed. I hope it is coming for sale soon, I am ready to spend some… :stuck_out_tongue:


Crescendo please.


Pretty sure it wasn’t at least not on PC/mobile. Because I’ve been watching for it