Summer of love, missing rewards

It seems Summer of Love is reset? How about the spend gems and the earned fire on this event already ? Does that get corrected too !!!

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And the event us gone again

I´ve spend 500 gems on this summer event. Do they get refunded ?!!@@

You should send a support ticket. For individual account issues like missing gems or things you expect refunded, it needs to be a support ticket.

Send it here:

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I’m waiting to hear any kind of official acknowledgement on this.

At least they got it fixed within 24 hours, but figuring out why it happened could take longer (compare Krinklegate). Once that’s done then they can determine if they need to send out individual compensations.

Don’t hold your breath. This wouldn’t be the first time a major issue gets the silent treatment, see Kurandara. There should be a significant number of real money purchases involved here, so I wouldn’t even be surprised if they aggressively close support tickets to dodge responsibility.

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Let me rephrase that … I’m not depending on an official explanation or compensation or anything (I was unable to log in at all for much of the day, and by the time I did there was no holiday event active or scheduled), I would just like to see an explanation for its own sake.