Summer event

I spend 500 gels on the summer event, do they get refunded !!??

The sigils you spent on the Summer of Love event roll over to the next day, but if you want a straight-up refund, then the answer is no.

Im wondering if they are on Switch unable to play the event after spending gems?

This is about the event fiasco on Switch, players who spent gems/money lost everything they paid for. We are now two days in without a single official word, so I guess your straight-up answer is right, players are once again expected to suck it up.


Surely they’re celebrating another holiday ‘down under’, mate.
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Well … yes and no. Any sigils you’ve purchased will rollover to the next day, but at each daily reset the game ensures you have at least 3 sigils (paid or not) – or (phrased another way) if you end a day with less than 3 sigils you will get up to 3 FREE sigils with the daily reset.

Yes this is about the switch fiasco. Event is gone, and so are the spend gems. And so far no reaction from the devs :frowning::frowning:

Yes, eventbis gone after 1 day and so is everything spend

-1800 Gems :rage:

Sounds like Switch players need to “switch” to a different platform.

Not much difference there. Bugs exist on all platforms. Its not like pc/mobile didnt have a troop missing from event chests a couple weeks ago, or ongoing visual bugs for months, or broken weapons on event weekends.


Exactly they should start advertising the game as “Now with bugs we’ll never fix”


To be fair, normally you don’t advertise something that has already been going on since multiple years.


You mean to say “Now with bugs, that do not meet our narrow and misguided definition of a bug, that we will not acknowledge, or take the time to fix; because time on the beach downing another pint of ale is more important.”