Suggestions on tweaking knight team

I’m running the following team, and it’s gotten me quite far.

Dark Master***

I like the knight bonus, but I feel as though I can upgrade that 2nd spot (replace Dark Master, just dosn’t feel as though he’s scaling, although targeted + attack boost + dreg summons is pretty rough to say goodbye to.)

Maybe someone that drives green/yellow for Paladin hits?

Suggestions are welcome!

If this also means a team that depends on Paladin:
Deep Borer

Kraken Banner

Loop Honor with yellow or green gems.
Not that fast but sometimes I use it for fun :smiley:

No mic youtube lmao

I can’t remember what the Knight’s name is, but he’s the black-armored cat one, does damage to first two?

Or… I think there’s another that does True Damage.

Do a search in the game for “Knight”, and you’ll get a lot of options. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

You mean Wolf Knight? Coz he’s very good traited for a all knight team

Knight Coronet. No longer ‘damage to first two enemies’ but still good.

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OK decent Knight team I used to use. Valk but that can be replaced by Silver Maiden, Alastair, Paladin Templar. Alastair is crazy good with Magic helping him

Since you want one that drives you Paladin Y/G

Wolf Knight. He increases yellow gem matches if I recall correctly.

Not a complete Knight build but I used Templar / Valkyrie / Paladin / Mercy successfully for several hundred levels. Long loops, armor buffs, Paladin one-shots the enemy.

Hey there again, Beowulf.

These are three of the Knights I’d had in mind; Griffon Knight would be great to help feed yellows. Anyway, here they are:

(Knight Coronet)
(Wolf Knight)
(Griffon Knight)

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Thanks all. Some really good suggestions here, and I’ve stuck with this team long enough I’ve got plenty of souls & traitstones to train up a few guys when they come off the bench.