Suggestions from my perspective

I’m an older player but have just returned after a bit of a hiatus so I’m quite familiar with how the game works in a general sense. Still trying to wrap my head around all the changes that were made while I was gone.

I don’t have percentages or numbers. I’m not a mathematician or a bean counter. I’m just someone who plays the game and for the most part, enjoys playing it. I’m probably going to get beat up for some of my suggestions but here they are:

  1. Please check cascade and forced moves for enemy AI. I have noticed, for instance, that if a team has a troop that returns 25% damage back to troops inflicting skull damage, skulls show up a TON more than what they would and enemy troops often ignore doing a skull match so that the player has to avoid being hit by a troop with 35 atk . . . .but it doesn’t happen because the AI knows that it’ll return that much/more if the player hits them with skulls.

  2. In tandem with this, the amount of cascade that “falls from the sky” (from offscreen at the top) is crazy in some battles. There have been times that I’ve simply set my mouse aside and just watched it all go down. Not talking about loop groups at all. (Although I have to freely admit that on my return when I went up against a loop team for the first time, I was totally astonished and quite frankly, irritated with myself that I didn’t think of it.) It’s like 3-5 4/5 matches in a row . . .hmm, must be done. . . on no, there are another two more large matches.

  3. Please make an alternate way to see if a guild member donated to the guild. I can see if they donated this week or at all but not the previous 1-2 weeks. I run a very laid back guild. We don’t have much in the way of requirements. We don’t have Discord. We participate in guild events but our goal isn’t really to be in the top 10 spots or anything. I don’t kick for donating a small amount. Conversely, if you only donate 100 gold a week, I’m more likely to keep you around especially if you’re lower level because I remember the low-level player days when not scouting a group was a thing for me because I didn’t have the 50 gold to do it. Perhaps a history of guild activity for that specific person might be the answer in their profile area or even as a separate tab in their profile just for that guild? Something perhaps that only the guild leader(s) can see/access? Yes, I do know that there’s the overall guild activity and yes, I could scroll through there and winnow out which person I’m looking for but it’s quite frustrating to me to do so.

Positive things: Thank you for making a game (mostly) for free. I do hit a lot of walls when it comes to certain activities because I don’t have fully traited teams or I didn’t purchase this weeks event troop. (Looking at you Pet Rescue :P) But for someone that’s on quite a strict income with very little of it (if any ever) being disposable, this game is a lifesaver. I can have human interaction if I choose to (although chat is hard to break into sometimes) and I can play a game that I (mostly) enjoy. Thank you, GoW devs, for what you do!


You can see donations etc pretty long back. Just go to guild activity, filter for donations, and scroll down. Press to get older activity too.
You’ll see which, when and how much donated for a good ammount of time back (longer than one week). If you have patience to scroll and scroll, ofc.

Weekly troops are not that bad. There’s practically 2 troops per month you gotta buy (siegebreaker and godslayer), and most of the times you can easily get the gems for both from guild tasks, tributes and such.
Glory troops are useful, sometimes, but most of the time can simply be ignored.
Same for new bounty hunters.

Thank you for your info about how to alternatively get troops; very much appreciated.