Suggestions for sorting troops

When in the search section for troops, being able to both choose upgradeable AND sort by lvl would be awesome and help a lot when looking at who to trait :slight_smile:

being able to turn sorting to be either from highest or lowest lvl would also be nice


Yes please!


Actually the sorting system could be improved big time by just adding a scroll up option from first item in the list to bottom one in the list, as in if I want to go from Adana to Zulkari I just press up once and that’s that.


So basically you are asking for the Unity version of the Troop filter they completely gutted (from console) when they migrated PC/Mobile over.

I’m all for putting back ANY of the QoL features that were removed from the filter.

@Tuaya That is another example of a function was removed as well, I would like to see it put back.