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Suggestions for future GW event and heroic gems

I had a couple ideas I thought might be possible to implement in the game in the future. The first would be a guild wars event where the teams used consist of only heroes from the guild where you select a weapon for your hero and build teams using your hero and other guildmates heroes but can only use their characters once each. It would allow for some fun weapon combinations and allow us to actually fight using other players heroes in an actual guild war.

The second idea is for heroic storm gems. Clear gems with a lightning effect around it that has a coloured or multicoloured storm inside that when destroyed matched or exploded creates a storm of that type. Multicoloured heroic storm gems could be matched with any of the colours contained within for example a hellstorm gem would have a swirling purple and red storm inside and could be matched with purple or red gems and if matched exploded or destroyed would trigger a hellstorm for 8 turns.

I ran this past some guildmates and they thought they sounded like fun ideas I would be happy to see what other players/developers think of this.

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