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[SUGGESTION] Treasure Hunt Offers

There are plenty of players who want additional daily offers in hopes of getting more deeds, pets, etc. but hate having to do Arena to get them. So here’s an idea that would give players another option to get those extra offers. How about giving an offer for finishing a game of Treasure Hunt with 60 or more turns. Finishing with 60-79 turns would trigger an offer at full price. Finishing with 80-99 turns would trigger an offer at a 10% discount. Finishing with 100 or more turns would trigger an offer at a 20% discount. Just like with Arena, there would be a limit of 3 Treasure Hunt offers each day.


I would rather see fewer offers to buy after grinding, then even more of them. Offers on daily login is fine, but after grinding you shouldnt have to spend anything.

Instead of things to buy, if a game mode had a chance of dropping something like a pet or troop or deed, that I could get behind.

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I think it’s a great idea that should be added (might need tweaks) to the treasure rework that has been long in coming.

I don’t think the offers should be endless, because then it’s net resource-negative for people. But if there were 5 daily offers, and they could be triggered by Arena AND/OR Treasure Hunt? Great proposal, imo.

More choice is always awesome — as Snooj warns, though, it’s got to be done in a way that doesn’t just increase the daily chores…