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Suggestion for Kingdom: Land of Carnival

I know a lot of people should suggest ideas of all kinds to kingdoms, but I hope they do not mind me doing the same here.
I wanted to suggest a kingdom inspired by Brazilian legends and folklore, where the biggest stories of Latin America, called Land of Carnival, are known, because we are known worldwide for this annual annual carnival, which moves millions and attracts people from all over the world.
It is common in the Brazilian Carnival that people fantasize about legendary and mythological characters that permeate our culture. So I imagined creatures of that medium. We have everything here, from warriors and guardians to the supernatural. I will cite a few below.
Thanks for listening.

The Saci
The Saci is a well-known personage of the Brazilian folklore. It has its presumed origin among the natives, in the South of the country, from where it would have spread throughout the Brazilian territory.
Depending on where the source of his legend is seen, it can be viewed as being maleficent, as playful or as graceful.
The Saci is seen as a young black man with a single leg (according to some versions of the legend he lost one of the legs fighting capoeira), always with a whistle (a kind of pipe, inheritance of the African influence in the legend) and a red cap (inheritance of the influence of the European in the legend), that gives him magical powers.

Curupira is a species of forest entity, as old as the woods are. He was seen by the church at the time of the colonization of Brazil as a demon worshiped by the natives. The same has several magical powers and is capable of creating all kinds of false signals making hunters and travelers forever lost in the Brazilian forests.
In addition, the little creature has great physical strength, being able to easily kill a man in a combat.
The Curupira is seen as a dwarf with long red hair and feet turned back, with the heels forward. In some versions of the legend the same can appear with the characteristics of an elf, but the red hair and the feet in reverse are always present.

Caipora is a protector of the forests. He is the guardian of animal life (which reminds me of the Guardian Forest) and in Brazilian folklore is seen as a cousin or other form of Curupira. He lives on a Boar (which reminds me of the Boar Rider) and is commonly seen as a young man with black skin and hairs all over his body. In some versions of the legend the same has the feet turned behind as the Curupira, but make no mistake, they are very different characters.
The Caipora is always carrying a spear, is hostile and violent with any hunter. In some legends say that he is a cannibal and devours the hunters he finds in the woods.

mula sem cabeça
Headless mule
In most tales, it is the ghost of a woman who has been cursed by God (the God of Christians) for her sins (often counted as fornication with a priest inside a church) and condemned to become a mule that has fire beyond the neck to instead of a head. There are several versions of this legend, but the creature is the same in all.
No need to quote the shape of this monster, right?

Like the Curupira and the Caipora, Boitatá is a being that protects the forests, but this particular entity protects the forests from the burning, an event very common in Brazil in the past, especially at the time of colonization.
The Boitatá is seen as a gigantic serpent of fire that, ironically, lives in the waters of the rivers and leaves to burn those who threaten the forests.

Pink Boto
The legend of Boto talks about an aquatic mammal that lives in the waters of the Amazon River. On nights of Festas Juninas (traditional festival of Brazilian folklore) he takes the form of a man wearing white clothes and a big hat and leaves the rivers. The reason for the hat is that the Boto, in its transformation, can not avoid the huge nose and for that it hides its face.
He seduces the women of the indigenous tribes and leads them to the bottom of the rivers. While some disappear, others reappear pregnant.
The supernatural creature scares many superstitious people from the Amazon region of Brazil.

Iemanjá is part of religious legends, myths and syncretism in various parts of the world, but in Brazil it is essentially remembered in schools when we speak of folklore. Talking about it is impossible with less than 20 thousand words.
Simply put, she has powers over all those who enter her domain, the sea. Venerated and respected by fishermen and all those who live in the sea, because the life of these people is in their hands, secondly the legend is she who decides the destiny of the people who enter their empire: coves, gulfs and bays. Owner of powers, the tranquility of the sea or the storms are under his dominion.
I believe that these are qualities enough for a mythical creature.

(Translated by Google, we are waiting for an update with the Brazilian Portuguese language, we are big fans of Gems of War!)



Fantastic idea my friend, I hope we can have a new kingdom in honor of our tales and folklore.
We Brazilians are passionate about this game and I hope that your genial idea can be at least analyzed as possible or at least a “who knows” …


It would be really incredible. My guild and I are active in game and we know that we are not the only ones. It would be a great honor to see a kingdom showing that we have incredible characters, warriors and guardians of our culture in this world.
It would be a great addition to Gems of War and a great pride to us, who are already fans for this game.

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