Suggestion for a Orb of Power buff

I don’t think anyone has ever used a Power Orb to level up a troop before, they’re just too valuable currently for that purpose.
How about if a Power Orb can also fully medal a troop? I for one would spend some of my Major Ascension Orbs for that purpose! One can always wish…


((Editor’s note: most of this needs to disappear now because the point was how using a certain topic would steer the thread towards bad feelings. The lack of the title means now it’s my duty to NOT point out the complex morass of feelings it can bring up.))

((My real point is that Power Orbs cost too much. It took a lot more words to say that, but that’s my point. Even with medals, the amount of effort it takes me to get a single Power Orb is much greater than the cost of the materials it takes to max a troop. 99% of their value is held in the Orbs of Ascension, and it takes 1 more OoA to make one of these stupid things via crafting than I’d spend if I just ignored OoA.))

((So the solution isn’t “make them worth more”, the solution is “charge what they are worth.” If the problem is that devalues Zuul’goth then lesson learned: tying progression items to the cost of a troop was a neat experiment and it turns out to create problems.))


@Slypenslyde while I agree on the cringe I fully support “make america great again 2020” by voting that moron out of office.

/flame war begin

/highjack thread commence

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Ha I just used the MAGA metaphor as a joke, I’m no fan of the current office holder for reasons too numerous to count. Lest anyone think so :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There changed. Wasn’t really expecting the blowback but I want the attention to this suggestion I would LOVE to see implemented.

rofl, that is true. And you are right, I did not mention that actual intended topic on my first post.

I agree with the OP that making Power Orbs have some useful function past making Zuul would be a valid and appropriate use for them and I hope that the Devs will consider this improvement.