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Suggestion for a brand new weapon - suicidal one

Imagine a weapon that turns your hero into Bombot, or Festival Cow, or Firebomb. Yes, we already have “Dragon Fire”, which turns your hero into some Dragon. But this suicidal one will be very funny, won’t it? Just “Bang!” - and your hero dies and deals some damage to enemies, or gives some bonuses to allies.

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Nice idea. Make it have some nice damage or ability but a percent chance of “backfiring” and killing itself


Killing your hero is never a good choice, unless you are using the knight or Oracle class :slight_smile:


it will add another option to utilize deathknight third trait without relying on other “kill ally” troop :+1:

Why not just put Black Beast in and Devour them or Sacrificial Priest/ The Widow Queen and sacrifice your Hero…?