Suggestion: Ability to DECLINE tasks...some do not apply to all players

I play on XBOX One. It would be nice to have a button to decline any/or all of the 4 tasks on the task bar. The penalty could be a 24 hour wait for the next cycle to be given a new task(s).

Why? Some of the troop tasks (3 Pridelands troops, for example) might not apply. I have 2 tasks on my list right now where I do not have enough troops to perform the given task, and they stay there indefinitely, preventing the opportunity to try out something that is possible.

For many players, even if a task is possible to complete, it might completely work against their game strategy. Levelling up trrops for a kingdom just to complete a task wastes valuable souls that could have been used to level up the player’s primary teams. And if the player doesn’t complete the task…he is stuck with it FOREVER.

I strongly suggest either giving the option of declining a task OR if a player has not made any progress on a task (still sitting on zero) after a week, then resetting that task to a new one so the player is not locked into that task indefinitely.



Been suggested many times, although I’m not sure if the idea of keeping the task refresh wait period in place has been brought up as part of it…devs might go for that, so far they are pretty strongly pushing keeping it at 4 tasks per day.

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  1. Are you in an active guild?
    If Yes: Use the Glory keys (for the troops)
    If No: Join one right now (use the forums)

I think it likely that the task system is intended to encourage you to try new things – and spend resources that you might not have otherwise spent – rather than reward you for doing what you’re already doing.

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I would like this, but changes were made recently to tasks so people couldn’t “abuse” them. I think having these tasks is their way of negating this. So you have to do the tasks. As far as troops go that is easy! Join a helpful guild and the keys for troops will start flowing. If you are in the market for a guild as it were, I have one and we’d love to have you. There are plenty of good guilds here on the forums though so you can’t go wrong whatever you choose. :slight_smile:

Yes. I think it’d be great if we could decline a task, and get a new one in that slot the next day. Or at least have the three “stay until done” tasks reset weekly.

For me it is the PvP tasks. I hear that there is a new matchmaking system in the works, but until then, I find it terribly tedious to fight the same few teams over and over.

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I think the tasks should be better balanced to what is possible for a player to complete though and maybe if a task remains uncompleted after a week it would refresh on Monday then. Can’t say players are abusing the system with a wait period and if it’s something you really don’t want to do you have an out. Got one yesterday, “raise the level of any kingdom” completely impossible for me as all of mine are already maxed. Ones like that shouldn’t be showing up on a players task listing.

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+1 for the ability to drop a task. I don’t want to do 4 battles with Grosh-Nak troops for 2 maps.

I could do Grosh-Nak Bombot Grosh-Nak Grosh-Nak but even than it’s a waste of time. I just want that slot cleared for the next day.

If your in a half way decent guild your going to get plenty of Gold Keys and a nice amount of Glory keys every week. Opening all those chests gives you a very good chance of finding some good troops, or ascending common ones up and making them stronger.

All it really takes is one good troop to win some quest/explore/challenge battles on the lowest difficulty setting. Since most tasks are along the lines of “Win battles using 3 unique X troops in your army” you can just put your strongest troop in with 3 un-leveled troops of X race and you will have a good chance of winning.

The potentially impossible tasks are typically placed in the first slot, and that slot refreshes daily if you do the task or not.