Suggest new gnome spells // Alliterate and Abscond

Vault weekend is coming! Let’s all suggest new spell names for future gnomes.

Current crew (14)
Band member Spell
Baz Bonebeater Bash It and Beat It
Cindi Savagelips Vibrato and Vamoose
Fredi Fretfiddler Distort and Depart
Hoagi Humbucker Strum and Scram
Troop Spell
Cursed Gnome Malediction and Migrate
Daemon Gnome Burn & Bolt
Dragonite Gnome Hoard and Hurry
Glory Gnome Lance and Leave
Jewel Gnome Plunder and Part
Mecha Gnome Grind and Go
Pet Gnome Snatch and Sprint
Soul Gnome Drain and Dash
Treasure Gnome Grab and Go
Valraven Feast and Flee
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Hijack and Hightail

Bubble and Beak.
Drink and Dive.
Punch and Puny.
Live and Learn.
Smoke and Scissors.
Chalk and Cheese.
Down and Doubt.
Splatter and Split.
Vanquish and Vanish.
Rut and Run.

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Stay Awhile and Listen.


Excavate and Evacuate


Fart and Feint

Some people didn’t get the assignment. :sweat_smile:

Both words are supposed to start with the same letter.

Could only think of one:

Extort and Exit


Bugs and Bugs

Bugs and Blunders :thinking::grin:

Abduct and Abscond
Embezzle and Escape
Filch and Fly
Heist and Hiatus
Ransack and Ride
Rumble in and Ramble on
Shank and Skedaddle
Snitch and Split

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Whoops. If only Gems of War was this consistent. Just treat my entry as a Tarot card that faces backwards in the battle screen.

As if something like that would ever occur. :joy:

Dig and ditch

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Steal and Scoot


Flay and fade
Slash and skedaddle
Loot and leg it
Destroy and desert