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Im actually not sure which section this would go in, but since I play the game on the Xbox One, ill post here.

When im sorting out my troops, i use the suggest a troop option that it gives. Now does that actually give you your best troops to play with or random?

When i select it, it uses common troops I have and not the epic or ultra rare troops. It leaves them out.
So is this the best case, or should I use my epic troops?


What level are you?

Im level 35

You can choose to start with Luther, Boar Raid, Siren, and another one that increases use of life and armor …

Play in the kingdoms quest to quickly level up, enter a guild to receive greater rewards during the game.

The “suggest a troop” function is not actually the best. It will usually try to give you good coverage across colours, but that’s about it. It is slightly better than random, but not much.

The Gems of War Database also gives suggestions for troops if you try to build a team there, but it’s kind of hit-or-miss. You’re welcome to try it out there if you’re stuck on the fourth troop for a team you’re trying to build.

Alternatively, you can ask here! The forums are a great place to vet out team compositions by experienced players.

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Thank you for all the input. I will make two teams of suggest a troop and one with my rarest troops. My epic troops seem to be the best along side with my hero. Im wizzing through the quests on kingdoms.

Over time. you’ll probably find that the best teams are not necessarily made up of the rarest troops. Instead, the best teams will be made up of troops that complement each other. Experimenting with teams and trying to find combinations that works can be a lot of fun.

As @Lyya mentioned, if you feel like you hit a wall, feel free to ask around for suggestions or browse some of the team-building threads.


At first I insisted so much on a troop and I saw that it did not work, then I registered here in the forum and asked for tips … the most valuable ones were in the sense of catching troops that one complements the other one I progressed in the game …

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Two playlists for new players. Some info is slightly dated but the principles apply. Play the ones you are interested in. @Tacet really needs a new player playlist :wink:

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Soon TM :stuck_out_tongue:

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