'Stun on being hit' not working consistently with troops doing something on hit


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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Generally a troop (e.g. titan hero) with the ability to stun when being hit by skulls will avoid having status effects applied: for example, dark maiden (trait: apply web on skull hits) won’t web, and forest troll (applies entangle on skull hits) won’t entangle. But this is not always the case, since psion (mana steal on skull hit) is still able to steal mana before being stunned… Please make these traits interact all in the same way!

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Use a skull match to hit a Titan hero with the ‘stun on hit’ trait with the mentioned troops


I’ve not tested or noticed these… agree there should be consistency… what happens if something with Knockout ‘stun-on-attack’ hits the hero… who gets stunned? What about Webspinner or something with extra damage vs status or troop slayer…?

Intuitively the attacker should go first… so Psion gets to mana drain, then gets stunned afterwards… and same for the status-on-attack etc…


Interesting that some effects go off and some don’t. I agree that some consistency would be good, I.e… the attacker effects take effect then the defenders. The issue being that there is an order behind the effects but we don’t know what procs in what order. It seems that mana drain will go off before stun and stun goes off before web or entangle. A table of the effect speed would be nice.


Troop slayer seems to go before stun is applied, my hero was just one-shotted by an archer hero before he got stunned, same as psion’s mana steal… Right now I assume the double/triple damage traits like the one on webspinner will work in the same way, I’ll pay attention whenever I cross upon one!


There are multiple ways things that happen “on skull hit” are processed. Without going into too much detail on this (again), Psion’s mana drain happens before (and independent of) damage calc (because it drains mana even on lethal skull damage; entangle/0 attack blocking it is a special case), while status application traits only process after damage is actually dealt (because they won’t apply if no damage is dealt, so they obviously have to know how much damage is dealt). They could be clearer about where these lines are, but it is unlikely for them to “fix” this issue by reordering the way things are resolved and risk breaking a dozen other things.