Stuck on pets

I’ve got several kingdoms stuck at power level 16 or so, for needing 2 fully leveled pets. Weekly pet rescue and daily offers seem hit or miss with it. I guess there’s no other way procure these pesky pets?

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pvp and arena for pet gnomes.

vault event expected on the weeked of the 21st this will increase there appearence .

an active guild with many pvp actors will hellp you to get pets over some time

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If one or more of the missing pests is the non-cosmetic/non-delve variety, and you have an active kingdom power level task that reads “Upgrade 2 {Kingdom} pets to level 20”, you’ll get offers in Daily Deals on occasion. (Also by winning 5+ matches in an Arena run, maximum three Arena offers per day.)

And there’s delves - getting 2500 renown in a faction gives you a mythic pet (if that isn’t the one you’ve got at level 20 already, of course).

How does pvp assist in pets? I get to tier 1 every week.

PvP is one of the game modes where Pest Gnomes can appear. (Also: Arena.)

you can only get pet gnomes when PVPing arena/pvp while being in a guild

Anybody can get pet gnomes in PvP, being in a guild just allows your guild members to also play the pet rescue.

Orbs are useful also