Struggling to get past summoners in Grosh Nak


All suggestions gratefully received


You could use a devour team like Great maw, sand shark, mimic and kraken withe the Drifting Sands banner


Or a board control team like Mercy / Alchemist / Hellcat / Gard’s Avatar - dragon banner

or Green Seer / Giant Spider / Kraken / Kraken - dark elven banner.


you know, if bbb.g is struggling with “summoners in Grosh Nak”, chances are this person probably doesn’t have access to many mythics or legendaries…

So you should probably go farm some souls in a kingdom you feel safe in, then level up your troops. It could also be the troops you’re using isn’t suited for clearing summoners, may help to have a high powered single troop to clear the summoners before they become a menace.