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StreetlampLeMoose is looking for his old guild Gallowbirds

Hey guys, it’s me, my wife was playing for me, doing guild event stuff, and she clicked on leave guild to try to get back to the regular events. I hope you find this and can invite me back to the guild!


Can’t believe you’re still trying man. But best of luck to ya nonetheless. I feel like it’s been at least 2 months now?
Knowing nothing about your former guild. And I mean this as no offense to them. They (and 90% of guilds in the game) probably don’t deserve this kind of loyalty from you. If you make it back to them great. Otherwise I highly recommend joining a guild that uses a 3rd party chat platform like discord or here. That way there’s an easy way to communicate with them when accidents happen. Instead of trying for months to rejoin them due to inability to directly communicate with them.

Reason number 76 why guilds require Discord. :white_check_mark:

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I have joined another guild, and there’s no problem with them , but my last guild just felt more like family after 3 years you know?